Monday, January 20, 2014

#1,498 French Toast.

So, I guess am still not out of the woods yet. Feeling very tired, and still no appetite, though no fever today, so woohoo! It was my first day back at work and I might've just overdone it. I was going to blog about the French toast Ben cooked for breakfast, but I remembered y'all enjoyed his guest post from last year and thought I'd let him blog in my stead tonight. Thanks, Ben!

Exotica Food Corporation is my family's "food company." My parents, my brothers and I would make up recipes for it. Recipes including Fried Chicken Rolls (cinnamon and sugar toast), and Three Cheese Tacoroni (what it actually sounds like).

Mama once tricked us by putting Happy Kids syrup in the Log Cabin bottle because we "didn't like Happy Kids." Turns out we did.

I hope you all had a good Monday. Jesse spent the night with us last night, because he and I were going to be working on the “woodshop” all day today. You see, Josh asked if he could use a few of my saws, I said, yeah as long as I can keep them in your warehouse for a while. That turned into this idea to turn his warehouse into a woodshop we could both use for the time being. I’m pumped about that. Anyway, back to Jesse. Last night at bedtime I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He answered with the question, “When was the last time you had some good French toast?” The answer is, when we ate at Balthazar in NYC. Erin ordered that amazing brioche French toast that we all tried and loved. This, however, was not the kind of French toast he was talking about. He was talking about French toast the way Daddy makes it, the way he made it when we were growing up, I’m sure it’s the way your daddy makes it, it’s the way he would make it every morning while mama was out of town and we had a big bucket of eggs leftover from the country ham supper at the church.

Here's how it's done:

Stale bread
Log Cabin syrup (or Happy Kids disguised as Log Cabin)

Daddy would mix that magic concoction in a bowl, which I knew had to be some secret recipe from the Exotica Food Corporation. Then he would melt some butter in a skillet so the bread wouldn’t stick. Then he’d dip that tired, stale, crumbly sandwich bread in the mixture and drop it in the skillet. It transformed into the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted. It was only for special occasions. Those rare opportunities when Mama actually got to go out of town without her boys, or when the Napier boys didn’t eat all of the sandwich bread before it went stale. So, with Mrs. Erin in bed recovering from some evil plague and Jesse preparing to be my slave labor for the day, I cooked French toast for breakfast. I think daddy and the rest of the Exotica Food Corporation chefs would have been proud. I am eating low carb, so I didn’t get to eat any, but I was happy to serve it to my wife and little brother this morning. Erin ate half a slice of French toast, and half a piece of bacon—and that's good enough for me.

Now, not much measuring goes on at the Exotica Food Corporation. I just put about 3 eggs, some milk, a little vanilla, and some cinnamon in a bowl and mixed it up. I cut 5 slices of bread from a homemade loaf I bought at the Amish bakery in North Mississippi. Log Cabin syrup is important. Sam and I hate Happy Kids. Just ask Tom about that.


  1. Nice job on the french toast. It looks yummy and I am sure it is helping Erin get back up on her feet.

    I've tried your mama's trick on my kids- they didn't like the organic milk so I put it in the Walmart milk jug. They still didn't like it:)


  2. Erin - Glad to hear that you're starting to feel better! Rest up and take it easy :)

    Ben - That french toast looks amazing. If we're able to stop by Laurel on our way to New Orleans for our honeymoon this spring, I'm going to bring you real Canadian maple syrup. We pick it up from the maple sugar bush by our house.

    1. I would so love if you'd stop by to see us! We're just 2 hours north, but you'd like Mississippi, I think!

  3. Ben ~ nice to have you back! Your French toast looks amazing and I am sure once Erin is feeling 100% she will have you making it for her! ps: I've tried the switch and bait trick with my girls when they were little. Worked like a charm. :)

    Erin ~ sure hope you are feeling better soon. My daughter had some type of stomach bug last week and it took her a few days to feel up to speed. Take care of YOU!

  4. I think I'm 100% today! Woohoo! I must've just needed a real breakfast. And Log Cabin syrup. :)

  5. I haven't made french toast in ages. This post has inspired me to make some today.

  6. I have never heard of Happy Kids syrup, but that logo is terrifying.


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