Monday, January 20, 2014

#1,497 Rest.

My fever didn't quite go away, standing made me lightheaded and walking made me weak, so today I rested. It's all I did. All day. It was hard for me to do, a little bit maddening knowing I didn't clean the house this weekend as is my routine—but I know it was good for me.

There were 2 of these:

A whole lot of this (Jerry Maguire, A League of Their Own, Sleepless in SeattleDownton Abbey, Bridesmaids—I hit the jackpot on network movies today. All my favorites!)

An attempt at doing a little work:

I didn't really eat again today—just didn't have an appetite. Weird. But tomorrow will be better. I just know it!


  1. You are doing exactly what your body needs - rest! Don't worry about the housework, sadly it waits for you.

    Hoping you are feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you, friend! I'm better today! :)


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