Monday, January 13, 2014

#1,491 Rachel's Home.

Our friend Rachel has been away for her medical school residency in New York since the summer, but last week she finally came home and invited us over for lasagna tonight. It feels like she never left, like we were just picking up right where we left off, and I realized how much I missed seeing her. I was too busy talking and forgot to take a picture, but Jim, Mal and Lucy were there, and Rachel and Scott's huge hound dog, Beau, and a whole lot of food was eaten. There was even a king cake, which means Easter will be here before we know it. Isn't time flying?


  1. your words are cut off on the sides of your post :-(

    1. Really? It looks normal on my computer and phone.. I'm not sure what could be going on. I'm sorry about that!


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