Thursday, November 20, 2014

#1,799 Art Talk.

A few weeks ago, with my hair still matted up from sleeping, in running tights and an enormous men's Patagonia pullover, while walking the dogs past the museum, I ran into George on the front lawn, the curator and our neighbor. We were talking about this and that as I self-conciously shoved my fingers in the back of my hair to make it look less insane when he asked me to speak today at art talk—which I immediately said yes to, feeling a little surprised and underqualified. I decided last night around 1 am on the topics that might be slightly interesting to the general public, and I felt pretty prepared when I went in there, so it was actually a whole lot of fun.
I was so surprised by how many folks came. I find that talking to more people is much easier than talking to a very small group.

And after my 1 hour talk in high heels, my feet died. Permanently. I may never wear heels again. I don't know how you gals who wear them to work every day still have toes!

Fortunately, I came home to find that the comfy boots I won for a song on eBay had come in! Woo! I first spotted them on pinterest and then couldn't stop thinking of them. I scoured the internet searching for them, to no avail. They were last season's Lucky Brand Bambi boot that retailed for $200.

So I was PUMPED when I won them for $20 in an online auction, brand new, used only as a try on pair in a store. But there was a catch.
The left foot is an 8.5 and the right foot is a 9.

I'm just gonna wear a thick sock on that one foot. 

Coach Taylor. #swoon

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#1,798 The Best Regularest Wednesday.

Tonight was our very first time to go to church as just plain church members since 2005. It was revolutionary. Like, we were looking forward to it all day long. For one thing, it was the Thanksgiving meal tonight which was unbelievably good:

Roasted turkey (that had a really good roasted crispiness around the edges), dressing with cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, lima beans, corn salad, yeast rolls, and pecan pie. I totally overdid it. So did Ben. Heart health went out the window tonight.

But better than all that was just coming to church and being there simply because we wanted to, without any obligation to do it. We sat and had dinner with Ross and Laura, we bought a dessert for Josh and Em during the choir's annual Thanksgiving dessert auction, Paul from our small group brought us all a little jar of homemade cajun seasoning he's been making for friends and family, and afterward we went home—without waiting on parents to pick up their students, without locking the doors, without turning out the last light. It's been so long since we could have our cups filled instead of doing the pouring.

Well, Ben did get up on stage to auction off the desserts.

Old habits die hard.

If you live around here and are free at lunch, I'd love to see you today at Lauren Rogers Museum of Art!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#1,797 New Favorite Snacks.

Since the scare with Ben's daddy and his heart, and the doctors saying it's likely all the boys will have hereditary heart risks too, Ben has been very concious about what he's eating and how much he's exercising. Tonight we were buying groceries and he saw something I declared would be "garbage" and put it in our buggy anyway, for something healthy to snack on at work. We got in the car and to prove my point I said, let's try them and see how gross they are.

And y'all.
Best snack EVER. The tomato basil lentils in particular, which taste better than Lay's tomato basil potato chips and have the texture of a Cheeto puff. And it's just baked lentils. You can have like half the bag for 120 calories. If you have a Walmart, you HAVE GOT TO TRY THEM.

In other news, I did a whole lot of lettering to find the perfect incidence of 'Erin', 'Ben', 'Grant', and 'Hope' because the production company asked if I would like to design our titles and stuff for the pitch video since it would make it even more personal and that's the kind of work I do everyday. It was so much fun!

Today I was just creating ideas for the 'lower thirds,' which is, when you're watching a TV show and the little design thing pops up telling you who's talking, or where they are or whatever. Like these. Here's my first idea, but we'll see what happens. I'll probably change my mind many times before it's just right.

Monday, November 17, 2014

#1,796 Ginkgos.

It was a long day in the shop with little news to report. We're still in the process of finalizing the biggest deal to date for our little shop, and I'm so ready to tell you about it I could bust! But I can't quite yet. So, this morning when we woke up we took the dogs for a freezing cold walk and discovered this:

Almost overnight, all the ginkgo trees in our neighborhood put on their bright golds and began shedding like crazy and I'm completely in love with them. The hardwoods are the minority in this part of the state since we mostly have lanky, needly pines lining the highways and surrounding the homes in the county, but here in town... We've got the ginkgo trees. And that's enough to make me really excited about getting back to New England in a few weeks.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

#1,795 Cozy Rainy Day.

Doesn't it seem like rainy days fall on Sundays more often than not? And isn't that the best?

After church, we came home and went straight to bed for a long rainy day nap. I mean, we straight up WENT TO BED. I hate the way that makes me feel usually, actually getting under covers and drawing the curtains instead of dozing on the couch, but today it was exceptional. When I woke up, I sliced an apple, turned on Sufjan Stevens, opened the screen doors to hear the rain, and got to work on a Christmas house portrait commissioned by our friend Whitney, the wife of our state auditor.

She's sending these out to over 1,000 people so I felt a lot of pressure to get things just right. It was a long, tedious painting session today, but I'm excited to see it finished tomorrow, hopefully. Afterward, we went with Mal and Jim to take over some of her homemade potato soup and biscuits to Josh and Em since they came home with the baby late last night.
And soon after this photo was taken, the tornado sirens starting wailing all over the city and we had a pretty scary half hour watching the news, ready to run to the basement if things got too rough outside. Fortunately, it blew over without event and we're all safe and sound. Tomorrow, we'll wake up and this balmy weather will be gone with another wintry cold day in its place. Hooray!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

#1,794 Walker's First Birthday.

Today we celebrated John Walker's first birthday!
On November 14 last year, he was born in a hospital while Clark and Amanda were sitting nervously in the waiting room—ready to meet their son for the first time. We all received the photo text of him, squirming and brand new, just a few minutes after he was born and it changed us all, directed our hopes and prayers and dreams onto this tiny person we had all been praying for for so long. I couldn't talk about it then, even though it's the only thing I wanted to tell anyone. This week he turned one—and it really does feel like all that happened just a couple weeks ago.

He's the most serious 1 year old I've ever met, always very focused on the people around him, on listening and watching.

He's got the sweetest grin that he saves for the things that he really loves (he doesn't just dole them out to everything and everyone—but his mama and daddy get one every time).

He's strong as a little bull when he decides he would like to explore something—he goes charging into it without fear. He lets anyone hold him for as long as they'd like, without fuss.

He always smells faintly of Coppertone sunscreen. He sweetly holds my fingers when I reach for him and he makes a moony smile when I sing to him. What I'm saying is, he's the most wonderful, solid, sweet and good boy.

And I am so very lucky to be his aunt and godmother. This and every thanksgiving for the rest of our lives, I know our family will never forget how thankful we are for adoption.

Friday, November 14, 2014

#1,793 Standing Desk, Done.

After a week of working on it, the standing desk is finished! And I'm in love!

When I finished my work I came over to help stain the old reclaimed tongue-in-groove boards to match the dark pew pieces.

He polished up a few of the old brass pulls we still had from our Boston salvaging.

And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. And it was 100% free!

Then we nearly killed ourselves moving it up the huge flight of stairs into the studio sample room—now Ben's new office. Now where will we get the perfect stool?

Since it was another freezing blustery day with highs in the 40s, we came home from the unheated workshop with frozen fingers and toes to have another soup supper with homemade yeast muffins, sliced and buttered, by the fire.
That's about as cozy as it gets, isn't it? Well, it'd be cozier if there were a Christmas tree, but it won't be long now!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#1,792 Newish iMac.

First of all—the weather today could not have been more ideal, in my estimation. I'm a weird bird in that I don't love warm sunshiney days the most... But cold, dreary, cloudy days. Those days sound like David Gray and taste like maple syrup and feel like:

Via Pinterest

A few days ago we found a good deal on a used 2012 iMac on Mac of All Trades for Ben to use in production and today it came in!
It's been pitiful/hysterical seeing him attempt work from the tiny little (decorative?) antique desk we inherited from mama on the tiny little laptop I use to work from when I'm traveling.
He kept telling me he's claustrophic and would have to unbutton his pants to get comfortable which made me laugh out loud.

Progress was delayed on the standing desk with our trip up to Tupelo, but tomorrow he should be able to finish it! Woo!

Tonight after supper (a big bowl of soup) we ran over to Walgreens in search of brown nail polish (no luck there) and ran smack into the hardest decision we've made all week:

Shortbread won.

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